Employee We are Proud Of – Akash Jindal

Employee We are Proud Of – Akash Jindal

India’s pride Akash Jindal was a part of the first Indian team to scale 10 highest peaks of Australia in 50 hours The record book celebrates 27 years of showcasing ‘INDIA’S INCREDIBLES’ Coca-Cola India today launched the 27th edition of the prestigious Limca book of Records at the ‘Make in India’ week, (MIIW) 2016. This new edition celebrates the ‘Specially Abled’. The attributes of these determined individuals truly embody the five principles that Limca Book of Records (LBR) stands for; Passion, Ambition, Excellence, Belief and Tenacity. The event marked the inspirational story of Akash Jindal who was a part of the Indian team to scale 10 highest peaks of Australia in 50 hours. Akash Jindal is 23 years old from India’s capital Delhi from Delhi University. At this tender age of 23 Akash achieved what others don’t even dare to dream of.. Instead of running after jobs or academics; after graduating, Akash dared to follow his passion for mountaineering and adventure sports.

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Akash with his passion for mountaineering was India’s first team to scale 10highest peak of Australia in just 50 hours .. And since then, there has been no looking back for him. It fact he climbed it again last year in August when he led a team to Russia to climb Mt. Elburz from the South. Previously, he had done the same from the north. In November, Aakash led the first Indian team to climb Aussie 10, the ten highest peaks of Australia in 50 hours. Prior to that, has also managed to climb Damavand, Highest Volcano of Asia in under 30 hours. For the uninitiated Damavand is an active volcano in Iran and it is still fuming of Sulphur gas. This wonderful achievement of Akash drives him to conquer Mt. Everest one day. We hope his all dreams are fulfilled . Akash could achieve this because of his passion, ambition and belief. here is a brief interview with Akash Jindal “The mountaineer of India” Over your career as a mountaineer thus far, you’ve climbed quite a few peaks. Can you take us back to where it all started for you? Is there any particular moment that made you decide that you just had to follow this path? Frankly, I had been an average kid in sports back in school. I remember how I used to opt for offbeat trips instead of the regular ones. It was back in standard 11 when I started browsing the internet for some adventure camps instead of choosing the school trip to Goa. It was then I stumbled upon a course in water sports but unfortunately or rather, fortunately, the seats were already booked and I was suggested by the same institute if I would be keen in doing a Basic Mountaineering Course for which they still had some seats left. It was something like a blessing in disguise. The course wasn’t something I had expected to be while I was applying, it later turned out to be a professional course spanned over 26 days of training on rocks, snow and ice culminating with a climb over 17,000ft peak and a written test. I scored well and that opened up doors for Advance course and expeditions. I think climbing came naturally to me, the idea of the unknown and the curiosity of what is on the other side catered to my needs. Choosing a career that’s unconventional has its own problems. Did you face any opposition to your choice of career from the people around you? How did you overcome the anxiety of going after something that doesn’t exactly make for a stable life? We are not meant to a stable life in the first place itself, we have a brain that has billions of thoughts and how can one stick to just one! I remember a quote by G B Shaw, “Till the time I have a want in my life, I have a reason for living, satisfaction is death”. When I first started climbing it was just a hobby where I could venture into the unknown and resume the life I was leading. But when I did it often, I used to often hear comments like, what is the point of going up and down the mountain? What a stupid thing to climb up if you have to come down?


Why put so much time, effort and money into some as useless as climbing a mountain? Clearly, these people are little aware of the world we are offered by God. The world is not moving from a concrete building (home) to another (office), such a life never fascinated me. Of course, it was hard to hear that constant taunt that I was just wasting my time, but now when I am able to sustain it by making a living, the same people start to appreciate and hope for a life like this. My family backed me up and that’s all I needed, they want me to live the life I want and not what the society compels one too. I am very fortunate to have a supportive family. “Over the last 27 years, Limca Book of Records has encouraged thousands of Indians to go beyond the ordinary. We hope that it continues to stand for the collective will power of our society” About Limca Book of Records Limca Book of Records is an extension of the Limca brand. Launched in India in 1990, it is the second book of records in the world after Guinness Book of World Records. It was launched with the objective of providing a platform to ordinary Indians to showcase their talent in their search for excellence. From then on there has been no looking back. Today, in its twenty-seventh edition (2016) the book has not only achieved this objective but also become a ready-reckoner for those who intend to break limits. The book has successfully identified people who have the spirit to excel and follow their goal with single-minded passion. It lays emphasis on unique achievements of our citizens and is a salute to all those people who want to do something different and be remembered for their distinctive deeds. Being the first of its kind in the country, this book has been an instant hit with people from all generations.The book has been well received over the years and the proof can be seen in the ever-increasing number of record-holders and record-breakers that approach the book each day. With this special edition, it has yet again charted another era of human innovativeness and excellence within its covers.

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